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Small Dogs Safari Fashion Comfy Harness

Small Dogs Safari Fashion Comfy Harness

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African Wildlife Safari Inspired prints on soft furry webbing especially designed for the small fashionistas!

Custom-designed wild safari prints stitched onto soft plush webbing, Rogz Small Dogs Fashion Comfy Harness features a breathable padded chest plate for extra support and dual buckles for an easy fit.   Its woven reflective threads are stitched into high quality webbing and have been designed for Strength, Durability, and Safety.

It is the perfect accessory for everyday glam, doggy date night, and special occasions.  It comes in five African wildlife-inspired sublimated prints on soft furry webbing, specially designed for your little fashionistas!  Let your dogs feel wild and free while also being safe. 

If you are a fan of the Rogz Explore Harness, you will like this one as well.  They are both designed with the rugged outdoors in mind as well as big city adventures.  If you and your dog enjoy going hiking in the mountains, a simple walk in the park, and car rides requiring close control or high traffic zones, this is the perfect harness for your needs!  The Fashion Comfy Harness is constructed with the same durable webbing and breathable material that is found in high-end running shoes.  The padded chest and back plates offer comfort and protection from foreign objects.  It comes in five fashionable prints and in sizes extra-small to medium.

Make sure you don’t forget the matching collar and leash to complete the look.

The ideal harness to strut your stuff.


AB - Amphibian Blue

LB - Leopard Print

WH - Wild Heart (Pink)

WS - Wild Stripes (Multi)

ZB - Zebra


XS, S, M



Using a harness is only recommended during walking.

It is not recommended that the harness be left on the dog, as it may cause irritation for those with sensitive skin over an extended period of time.  If you witness any surface injuries, please remove the harness immediately and contact a veterinary professional as appropriate.

Made in South Africa, it's the real deal. We support African wildlife preservation.

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Rogz Fancy Dress Classic Collars are inspired by the latest trends in fashion and design and are recommended for everyday use and identification. The safe and trusted RogLoc buckle on the larger sizes can be locked to prevent it from being accidentally opened, and there is a D ring to attach an ID-Tag.

  • Contoured Plastic Components

    Rogz rounded plastic components ensure that every Rogz collar fits snugly.

  • Cool Graphix

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  • Die-cast ring

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