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Rogz Reflectocat Reflective Breakaway Cat Collar Small

Rogz Reflectocat Reflective Breakaway Cat Collar Small

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Rogz Reflective Cat Collar (Reflectocat)

Affordable, Durable, Highly Visible to cars ar night and Comfortable for the cat to wear during nocturnal activities, or for lazing around the house. 

Important safety features include reflective materials and a breakaway safety clasp.

Not only is this collar practical and loaded with safety features, but it is also cute and comfortable for your cat.

 Made from durable but lightweight materials including scratchproof webbing, the Rogz Catz Breakaway Cat Collar includes highly reflective surface  for nighttime visibility.

It also features a breakaway safety buckle that you can adjust for weights between 6.6 and 11 pounds. 

The Rogz Catz Breakaway Cat Collar comes in six fun colors and patterns.


Fits cats with a neck circumference between 8 and 12 inches.

Colors available:

Black, Blue, Red, Lime, Dayglo Yellow

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Sizes Available

 That's why our sizes for cat collars for home use are XS and S. For the bigger cats, Cheetahs (Large) , Leopards (X-Large),  Lion - That would be  XXXX-Large.


Size         Neck Size            
X-Small      6-9in
Small          8-12in
*Why does Rogz only have small and x-small house cat collars?
These collars are designed in and sourced from South Africa, where the big cats roam.
Cats come in all sizes. Rogz house cat collars are adjustable to fit X-Small (Kitten) and Small (regular house Cat)
Why only these two size? So we respect other cats - example  Medium(Caracal) Large (Cheetah), X-Large (Leopard) and XX-Large (Lions) .
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Rogz Fancy Dress Classic Collars are inspired by the latest trends in fashion and design and are recommended for everyday use and identification. The safe and trusted RogLoc buckle on the larger sizes can be locked to prevent it from being accidentally opened, and there is a D ring to attach an ID-Tag.

  • Contoured Plastic Components

    Rogz rounded plastic components ensure that every Rogz collar fits snugly.

  • Cool Graphix

    Inspired by the latest trends around us

  • Die-cast ring

    Custom designed diecast ring made from Zinc (no welding).

  • RogLoc

    RogLoc is the Fort Knox of release buckles.