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Nightcat Reflective Cat Collar

Nightcat Reflective Cat Collar

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Heavy Duty Cat Collar

Rogz Cat NightCat Reflective Safeloc Adjustable Cat Collar is a quality pet collar that includes many features.

Fits cats with a neck circumference of 8-12in

A Closer Look:

The collar is studded with reflective materials for better visibility. You can adjust the collar from 8 to 12-in depending on your cat's neck size.

Made Specially for: Cats of all ages

Available in attractive Black Paws, Blue Floral and Pink Hearts.

Rogz Catz NightCat Reflective Safeloc Adjustable Cat Collar


  • Rogz BreakAway Safety Buckle
  • Variable Load Safeloc Buckle
  • Satin-weave nylon webbing
  • Removable color-coded bell
  • Reflective Polyurethane
  • Rolled, stitched edges

The collar's safety buckle helps your cat break out of the collar easily. The buckle breaks open if the collar is caught to something that might strain your cat's neck. Its Variable Load Safeloc Buckle feature helps in adjusting the breakaway load.

The collar is adjustable and fits neck sizes 8” to 12”. It has a Safeloc Breakaway Clip that adjusts to different weights on the buckle. More details on adjusting the collar included below.

If the collar is placed under a strain that exceeds the breakpont setting, the clasp will release and break free. This protects your cat from getting injured if it is hung up on a branch or other object.

Please choose your setting when you put he collar on - there are three settings based on average cat weight:- 6.6 pounds or more, 8.8 pounds or more and 11 pounds.

This collar is 1/8” wide and has reflective and glow-in-the-dark features that reflects direct light from vehicles and other light sources eg flash lights - Safety first but fun!.

The glow in the dark feature is made from same reflective material on the inside and outside that reflects and glows in modern high end athletic shoes - Style.

The edges of the collar have been stitched after being rolled to make sure that any sharp edges or open ends are eliminated. The webbing is scratch proof as well, making it a durable, long lasting collar. - Quality

There is also a color matched removable bell.

This perfect cat collar fits most breeds and sizes of house cats.

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The Rogz breakaway collar features a 3 way adjustable slider located at the back of the buckle. The buckle is set at the factory to the lowest setting, so It may need to be adjusted to your cat based on weight.

To adjust the collar to your cats weight, slide the red slider towards the left with your finger(red slider on thee lowest setting/right side with buckle facing you). If the slider is difficult to move, you can also press down on the left side of the slider (the part with the plastic sticking out the most.) This will make the slider easier to slide, 

The rough guide to weights are as follows:-

6.6lbs - 11 lbs (3kg) use the lowest setting. 

11lbs-19lbs use the medium setting.

19lbs+ - use the high setting.

This cat collar can be without bell by removing the bell from the collar.

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Rogz Fancy Dress Classic Collars are inspired by the latest trends in fashion and design and are recommended for everyday use and identification. The safe and trusted RogLoc buckle on the larger sizes can be locked to prevent it from being accidentally opened, and there is a D ring to attach an ID-Tag.

  • Contoured Plastic Components

    Rogz rounded plastic components ensure that every Rogz collar fits snugly.

  • Cool Graphix

    Inspired by the latest trends around us

  • Die-cast ring

    Custom designed diecast ring made from Zinc (no welding).

  • RogLoc

    RogLoc is the Fort Knox of release buckles.